Quilting for Charity

Material on Shelf ready for quilting for charity
The women at Hands for Hospice make quilts like these every Tuesday for people who are sick or in need.
(Photo: NATHAN HANDLEY/The Jackson Sun)

There are many unsung heroes quilting for charity and I’ve some feel good,  heart-warming stories to share with you.

Hands for Hospice is a ministry that provides quilts for people who are sick or in need.

These ladies meet every Tuesday at the fellowship hall at Mercer Baptist Church where they make these quilts. The ministry started in 2007,  Floye Puckett, one of the founding members says “we started this ministry in 2007, each one of us brought our own sewing machines and bought our own material.”

The idea came from Betty Murchism, who’s mother was in hospice. While she was there, someone brought her a quilt and Betty knew then that she wanted to make quilts for other sick people.

There have been many more people joining since those early days  and the group now receives donations. For Floye Puckett, the involvement with Hands for Hospice has become even more personal, “I had a grandson that got diagnosed with leukemia right after we started this ministry,” she said. “We made quilts for him. … We still send quilts to Paris hospital where his mom works.”

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veterans with quilts
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The Scrappy Girlz Quilting Guild made a wonderful contribution of quilts to war veterans (paid for by the town). Ten veterans were honored at the town’s council meeting on Tuesday. They served in wars including World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. All of the veterans live in the local area of Llano and range in age from 80 to 97.

Blue Star mom Catherine Roberts from Delaware started The Quilts of Valor Foundation as a way to honor veterans and returning soldiers. She says “the patriotic quilts are tangible reminders of appreciation and gratitude”.

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ladies quilting for charity
The members of Quilts for Charity meet weekly to make and donate quilts.
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In Amherst, NY there’s another group of unsung heroes quilting for charity. Called “Quilts for Charity, they meet every Friday from 1 to 3 pm at the Trinity United Methodist Church (711 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst).

Discovering their shared love of quilting these woman formed the group in 1998 and have donated more than 2000 quilts to many local charities including the special care nursery at Sister’s Hospital. Member Eileen Tuzzi explained “They use the quilts to cover the isolettes so the light doesn’t damage the babies eyes. Then when the baby is well they go home with the quilt”.

These ladies don’t ask for anything, recognition or money, just a simple thank you is enough. Knowing they’ve made a difference someone’s life is reward enough.

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  1. Though I do not quilt (my talents are elsewhere…I know i will find them one day)…as A US Marine veteran I can tell you that making quilts for our veterans is such a great idea especially for our guys who were wounded. Thank god there are ladies who do this for veterans who tend to be ignored once they are on their own, Semper Fi…Mac

    • Yes Mac, this is such a great thing to do. I knew there were groups who did quilting for charity, but didn’t know about the veterans one till I found this news article. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :


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