John Flynn Quilting System

John Flynn Quilting System

So you’ve pieced your quilt and have the 3 layers reading for quilting on your sewing machine or by hand. Do you have problems rolling it up and keeping the tension? Don’t have the budget for a Long Arm Machine? The John Flynn quilting system could be just the thing!

Let’s have a look at how it works and the benefits of using a quilting frame like this.

The John Flynn quilting system, simply put, is a set of rollers in a frame that holds your quilt together.

john flynn multi frame quilting systemOut of the box the quilting frame includes:

  • Two PVC roller pipes.
  • Three fiberglass rods, with adhesive strips, these are for rolling the quilt smoothly.
  • Side Tension ribbons.
  • Three muslin leaders.
  • Two reinforced frame ends.
  • Six rod ends with knobs.
  • Screws.
  • Instruction Book
  • Instruction DVD

The Flynn Multi-Frame Quilting System accommodates quilts up to 38″ wide, but it can be modified for any size by purchasing 3 pieces of metal conduit (EMT) simply purchase 3 pieces of metal conduit (EMT). You can get these at your local lumber yard and get them cut to the size you wish.

How Does the John Flynn Quilting Frame Work?

Because it’s the frame that moves it can be used with most sewing machines. You’d struggle to use it on a small sewing machine or one with a small throat space, it can be done, but just not as effectively. Once the frame has been set up and you have the muslin leaders attached you can then roll your quilt, no basting is needed.

This is a video featuring John Flynn that takes you through the whole process, from what’s in the box, setting the quilting frame up, right through to using it for free motion quilting. It’s over 30mns long but worth watching if you’re considering buying a quilting frame.


Now you’ve watched the video you can see how the John Flynn Quilting System works.  You can use the frame with a sewing machine or for hand quilting on your lap. It works without the optional extra oak frame stand, this just makes it a bit easier to use.

free motion quilting using flynn quilting frameYou can create some complex designs using free motion quilting, however if you haven’t done free motion quilting before I suggest you do some practice first!

You can make a small “sandwich,” drop the feed dogs on your machine and go. It helps initially if you use a quilting stencil so you have guidelines to follow.


If you want to make your own quilting frame there are plenty of tutorials and videos that show you how. I would say, by the time you’ve purchased all the materials, you’re better off buying the John Flynn quilting system ready-made kit.


Although the instructional DVD and written instructions are good, it is fiddly to set up. It feels a bit cheap and plasticky. You need to roll your quilt up pretty tight to use the quilting frame with a smaller sewing machine. If you want to use it for bigger quilts then there’s the extra cost of purchasing the materials.


The low cost is a big plus if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a true long arm, quilting machine. You can pay thousands for some long arm quilting machines and frame systems, this is a cost effective way of emulating that. It will work with almost any sewing machine, you can see on the video how John Flynn uses a vintage machine to good effect. It can be stored away and doesn’t take up much room if you’re tight for space.


The John Flynn Quilting System gets mixed reviews, but most of the negatives are related to the setting up.

If you’re looking for a low-cost system for free motion quilting then this is a good purchase. Although it takes a while and is fiddly to set up, once everything is in place it works well. A good machine to use it with would be the Juki tl 2000qi quilting machine, as it has the extra space that makes the quilting frame more effective.


15 thoughts on “John Flynn Quilting System”

  1. I know absolutely nothing about quilting, but I have a friend who is very much into making quilts. She had talked about getting some type of frame, I wonder if this is what she meant.
    I think I’d like to get one for her birthday if this will “fit the bill”. Do all quilt frames do the same thing?

    • I haven’t found anything else in this price range that you can use with a sewing machine for quilting. Most quilt frames are for use with long arm quilting machines, a whole different ball game and a much higher price!
      If she’s looking for a frame to hold her “quilt sandwich” together while she sews it on the machine then the Flynn quilting frame will do that. You can buy quilt frames just for hand quilting which are cheaper, but you wouldn’t be able to use them on a sewing machine.

      Hope this helps, and if you’ve any more questions feel free to leave a comment here or contact me via the contact form. 🙂

  2. I have passed this on to my daughter who is the sewer in the family and loves quilting. She will find this useful for sure. It seems like once you get it together and organized it works great. Thanks for sharing this great review.

    • Hi Donna. 🙂 Yes, once you have it set up and get used to it the John Flynn Quilting System works well. Hope your daughter find some useful information and I hope she’s made some quilts for you!

  3. I really thought these would be more expensive. We got a quilt like this as a baby shower gift and our baby absolutely loves it. It’s the nicest and most rugged blanket we have and I’m excited that I might be able to make one like it in the future. So worth it!

    Thanks for collecting the great resources here – that video is really helpful

    • There are some very expensive quilt frames out there, that’s why I like this one! I’m in the process on making a pram quilt for a friends new baby, they are the snuggliest things! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

    • Maybe one day you’ll have time to take up quilting as a hobby Kristina! Thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed the article. 🙂

  4. Oh, this looks interesting. Great informative review. I’ve been seriously considering trying my hand at making a quilt so I’m really enjoying your site.

    • Hi Melinda, if you enjoy scrapbooking then you’ll probably enjoy quilting! If there’s anything quilting related you’d like me to cover then let me know and I’ll write an article. 🙂

  5. Hi, Kathy!
    Your site is looking really nice. Look me up in chat or send me an email as I have a matter I would love to talk to you about.
    Keep up the great work here.


    • Thanks for the positive comment Shawn, it’s easy to write about something you love, and I love sewing and quilting!

    • Hi from one Kathy to another! Yes it will, it’s been designed to work with standard sewing machines and big quilts to save the expense of purchasing a long-arm machine.

    • You will have to buy 3 steel rods to replace the smaller rods. You will need to purchase an additional larger support bottom roller. Also, you will also buy more muslin for the increased width and double sided thin tape (Alien tape from Walmart or on Amazon). Still inexpensive extentions for your king size quilt. Long arm quilting machines are much more expensive. Flynn systems offer a no pin or no stay stiching way to quilt(I have done both). Happy quilting!!!!!


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