Christmas Gifts For Quilters

The Christmas Quilt Book

I’ve seen the holiday candy appearing in the grocery stores so I decided it was time to look for Christmas gifts for quilters.

Christmas Gifts For QuiltersI know, I know, I can hear you saying it’s too early, but don’t you think it would feel great not to be rushing at the last minute. There’s also the problem of having a brilliant idea for a gift then finding it’s sold out, I hate when that happens!

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What is a Presser Foot

What is a presser foot

What is a presser footIf you’re new to sewing and sewing machines then learning all the terminology is a bit of a learning curve.

An often asked question is “what is a presser foot,” I remember wondering this many years ago. Initially, I thought a presser foot was the foot peddle, you press it with your foot to make the sewing machine go, made perfect sense to me!

Simply put, A presser foot is an attachment for your sewing machine which  holds fabric flat as it is fed through the machine and stitched.

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Build a Craft Website

Build a craft website

build a craft websiteHave you ever wanted to build a craft website? You’ve landed on my site probably by doing a Google search, or via some social media. I built this site myself, from having no knowledge a year ago to what you see today. Even I’m impressed and it’s my own site!

Do you want to know how I did it? I’ll rewind and give you a bit of history. After losing my hubby last year, I found myself in need of an occupation. Not only to keep me busy but to give me an income. After some extensive online research, I came across a training program called Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve seen many free blogging sites, like Blogger or Weebly, I’ve used them myself in the past. This time,  I wanted a “proper” website, one that not only helps people but also gives me an income.

If you’re a crafter, there are more ways of using your website than selling your handmade crafts. This is where the training program at Wealthy Affiliate comes in. The training teaches you to create a solid online business.

Keep reading and I’ll explain!

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Sewing Table for Quilting

Sewing Table for Quilting

Sewing Table for QuiltingDo you need a sewing table for quilting? So you’ve got your awesome sewing machine for quilting, your tools and notions and a project in mind.

Your fat quarters are spread out over the dining room table, (which is covered with a cutting mat), along with your quilting rulers, rotary cutter and all your other tools!

You start your cutting and piecing, look at the clock, OH NO, dinner time, time to clear the table….

Solution? a dedicated sewing table for quilting! There are many different types, sizes and prices, choosing one depends on your space and budget.

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Quilt Design Software Programs

Quilt Design Software Programs

Quilt Design Software ProgramsYou’ve mastered the basics of quilting and browsed through all the different quilting patterns available so what’s next? Creating  your own patterns with quilt design software programs!

Let’s have a look first at what quilt design software programs can do compared to a graphic design software or paint program for example.

  • Quilt programs are specifically designed for quilters.
  • Each layout automatically includes the block, border and sash of the quilt.
  • Ready made libraries of blocks borders and sashes.
  • In the draw screen areas, the grids are already created specifically for quilters, for example, a 7 patch or 9 patch grid.  Some of the quilt design software programs have circle grids or star grids.
  • The edit and drawing tools are geared towards quilters, most quilt software programs have these tools.

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Using Stencils for Quilting

Using Stencils for Quilting

Scroll Motif Quilting StencilIf you’re fairly new to quilting you might not have heard of using stencils for quilting. I’m sure you’ll remember stencils from when you were a kid. I couldn’t draw or write neatly, so using stencils helped me get good marks for “neatness of work!”

The same principle applies when using stencils for quilting, the aim is to get a neat finish. A quilting stencil is used to trace designs onto a quilt top and there are thousands of different design templates. Grooves are cut into the templates forming patterns and designs, these guide you when you come to quilting your project.

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How to Teach Children to Quilt

How to Teach Children to Quilt

Teaching a child to quiltHow many times have you tried to get on with a project only to be stopped by your children demanding attention!?  There is a solution, get them to join you. In this article, I’ll go through the basics of how to teach children to quilt.

You can start them at quite an early age, my own Granddaughter (Eve) was just 5 yrs old when I introduced her to sewing and 8 when I started teaching her how to quilt.  She’s 14 now and at the moment is mainly interested in Ed Sheeran and filling in her eyebrows, quilting is low on her priority list!


How to Teach Children to Quilt

Children sewingYoung children will want to do what the grown-ups are doing and it’s best to get them involved right at the start of a project. They also like to do things with their friends so get them to invite a friend round to join in.

Firstly, if you haven’t already done so you need to teach them to use a sewing machine. I was lucky enough to have a Singer Featherweight for Eve to practice on, it was a perfect size for her small hands.  Put a bit of tape on the 1/4″ mark, it’s much easier for a child to follow this guide rather than the etched in one on the plate.

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Quilting Terms Definitions

quilting terms definitions

quilting terms definitionsQuilting comes in all different styles and depends on the traditions and history of the country of origin. Simply put, quilting is made up of a “sandwich” of fabrics, the top layer which is the pattern part and can be made up of  quilt blocks, the middle which is called the batting (padding) and the back which is usually a complimentary colour to the top pattern.
I’ve put together a list of the commonly used terms in quilting in this quilting terms definitions article so you have a quick reference guide.


Quilting Terms Definitions

Accent quilts – This is a pattern that follows different lines but works with your patchwork pattern.
Achromatic – Black, white and grey color schemes.
Album quilts – These are quilts made for a specific event and made up of different blocks. These are personal to the recipient or maker of the quilt and are sometimes given as gifts to mark a special occasion. 

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