Quilt Design Software Programs

Quilt Design Software Programs

Quilt Design Software ProgramsYou’ve mastered the basics of quilting and browsed through all the different quilting patterns available so what’s next? Creating  your own patterns with quilt design software programs!

Let’s have a look first at what quilt design software programs can do compared to a graphic design software or paint program for example.

  • Quilt programs are specifically designed for quilters.
  • Each layout automatically includes the block, border and sash of the quilt.
  • Ready made libraries of blocks borders and sashes.
  • In the draw screen areas, the grids are already created specifically for quilters, for example, a 7 patch or 9 patch grid.  Some of the quilt design software programs have circle grids or star grids.
  • The edit and drawing tools are geared towards quilters, most quilt software programs have these tools.

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John Flynn Quilting System

john flynn quilting system

John Flynn Quilting System

So you’ve pieced your quilt and have the 3 layers reading for quilting on your sewing machine or by hand. Do you have problems rolling it up and keeping the tension? Don’t have the budget for a Long Arm Machine? The John Flynn quilting system could be just the thing!

Let’s have a look at how it works and the benefits of using a quilting frame like this.

The John Flynn quilting system, simply put, is a set of rollers in a frame that holds your quilt together.

john flynn multi frame quilting systemOut of the box the quilting frame includes:

  • Two PVC roller pipes.
  • Three fiberglass rods, with adhesive strips, these are for rolling the quilt smoothly.
  • Side Tension ribbons.
  • Three muslin leaders.
  • Two reinforced frame ends.
  • Six rod ends with knobs.
  • Screws.
  • Instruction Book
  • Instruction DVD

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Brother Scan Cut Machine

brother scanncut cm100dm home hobby cutting machine built in scanner

Brother Scan Cut Machine

We know how expensive it is to keep buying different dies and different size quilting rulers to get the shape we want for our projects. Well, how about a product that scans AND cuts, like the Brother Scan Cut Machine?!

A world’s first, you don’t need any cartridges dies or computer software. You can scan a photo, sketch or an image and the Brother Scan Cut will whatever shape you want.

I’m excited about this, it will make personalized items SO much easier and will also be good for using those small scraps of lovely fabric you can’t bear to throw away!

Brother now make a few different models of the Scan Cutter, today I’m taking a look at the CM100DM model. It’s on special offer so a good time to buy!

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What Is A Good Iron For Quilting

what is a good iron for quilting

What is a Good Iron For Quilting

I’ve had many many irons over the years all promising the sun, moon and earth. Well not quite, but at the very least they should be non-drip (don’t you just hate those rusty water marks) and have a smooth glide sole plate. There’s also the issue of ergonomics, aching shoulders and wrists, we want to avoid this! So, for us quilters/sewers what is a good iron for quilting?

Olisomake irons specifically for quilting and today I’m taking a look at one of their models.

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Sizzix Machines Big Shot Starter Kit

Sizzix Machines Big Shot Starter Kit

Sizzix Machines Big Shot Starter Kit




Sizzix Machines Big Shot Starter Kit

Described as “The Ultimate Crafters tool” The Sizzix Machines Big Shot Starter Kit is a cutting and embossing machine. You can use it for cutting your quilt pieces and there are a range of die shapes to choose from as optional extras. It also cuts paper and creates embossing effects. it works with most of the Sizzix products with the exception of Bigz Plus and Bigz Pro dies. My primary interest is in the fabric cutting capabilities of the Sizzix but it can also be used for home decor, scrap-booking,  and card making .

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Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set

Rotary cutter

Fiskars Rotary cutter set




Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set

The Fiskars Rotary Cutting set has everything you need for cutting fabric pieces and is a great choice for beginners. With a 45mm rotary cutter, cutting mat and quilting ruler Fiskars have created this convenient set for both new and experienced quilters.

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