Quilt Design Software Programs

Quilt Design Software ProgramsYou’ve mastered the basics of quilting and browsed through all the different quilting patterns available so what’s next? Creating  your own patterns with quilt design software programs!

Let’s have a look first at what quilt design software programs can do compared to a graphic design software or paint program for example.

  • Quilt programs are specifically designed for quilters.
  • Each layout automatically includes the block, border and sash of the quilt.
  • Ready made libraries of blocks borders and sashes.
  • In the draw screen areas, the grids are already created specifically for quilters, for example, a 7 patch or 9 patch grid.  Some of the quilt design software programs have circle grids or star grids.
  • The edit and drawing tools are geared towards quilters, most quilt software programs have these tools.

Graphic Design Software?

Graphic design software is an option, but the specific built-in features for quilters aren’t there. For a relatively low cost, you can have software specifically aimed at quilters.

You can get free online quilt design programs, for example, the one over at Jinny Beyer’s site. These might do you at the start, but as you move further into creating your own designs the limitations start to show.

I’m going to look at 2 programs, one for beginners, and a more advanced program.

Quilt Design Software Programs


quilt design wizard softwareFirstly I’m going to look at The Quilt Design Wizard-by The Electric Quilt Company. This software is aimed at beginning quilters, or quilters not familiar with using computer software. It can:

quilt design wizard software specs





You can create simple pieced blocks, straight layouts, on-point layouts, and experiment with color. To start, you select a layout style, the quilt and block size, then add borders. The wizard software leads you step by step with a simple point and click method.

Print quilt softwareThe blocks are color coordinated so you can play around and choose blocks that go together. Once your design is ready you can print it off with fabric yardage estimates, cutting chart and piecing/sewing instructions.


Free Updates

You can get free updates with new blocks and fabrics published each month ready for download. the content of your software. All the projects are archived so there’s plenty to choose from!

This video lets you see what to expect with the Quilt Design Wizard


Quilt Design Software Programs Advanced

electric quilt 7 quilt design softwareFrom the same company as the Quilt Design Wizard is the Electric Quilt 7 design software. It’s a much more advanced software program and it can be a bit of a learning curve using it. Having said that, the videos, support and help are pretty comprehensive, with the included help videos.

There are 22 printable, full-color PDF step by step lessons which take you through the all the design stages.

Included in the software package are:

  • 2 reusable activations
  • 22 printable, full-color PDF lessons
  • Fully-illustrated, downloadable User Manual PDF
  • 5,000 copyright-free block patterns
  • 5,000 scanned fabrics
  • 4,200 non-digitizable embroideries
  • 540 ready-made quilt layouts
  • 10 help videos targeted for beginners
  • 67 “How Do I?” topics
  • Tools for working with quilts, blocks, and images
  • Importing features for scanned fabric
  • Exporting features for print-quality images

A big difference

EQ7 work with imagesThere is a HUGE difference between this and the Quilt Design Wizard, not least of which is the ability to scan and import your own fabric.

You can use portions of the image to create square and circular symmetries and then repeat according to your quilt design project. The software also offers simple image effects such as filters, blur and noise.

The color tools allow you to play around before you get to the stage of cutting your fabric. There’s a random recolor tool, rotate to any angle and special effects which let you see how your quilt design could look.

Easy Quilt 7 blocksThe Electric Quilt 7 has over 5000 free quilt blocks, all copyright free, which you can also use as quilting stencils. These can be any size or, you can use the Serendipity tools to create a new unique block from the existing ones.

It’s also easy to add borders, you can design your own or choose one of the included  designs (over 290). If you want a central medallion, you just choose the width of the border and the software does the rest.

The Easy Draw drawing board is a great feature, it works just like using paper and pencil! There are “click-and-snap” grids which make it easier to design complex blocks such as eight-point stars.


This video takes you through designing a basic quilt with the Easy Quilt 7

If you find working with new software a challenge, are on a limited budget, or are just beginning to create your own designs, then I would recommend the  Quilt Design Wizard

In the long term, a much better purchase would be the Easy Quilt 7, one of the best quilt design software programs you’ll find.

Buy the Electric Quilt 7 Design Software

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    • I’m excited about this, I love new computer software so having one for quilting is a big bonus for me!

  1. My family always participates in 4H and quilting is one of the subjects they cover. I will share this article with the quilters there. I think they would love it!

    • Hi Travis. Nice to know quilting is being covered as a subject in 4H, everyone should learn to quilt in my opinion! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

  2. Oh, just in time, I could say. My son’s teacher from kindergarten has given the parents a pretty hard job. To make a hat from recycled materials, for the 1st June parade.
    Can you believe the way she’s torturing us? I have absolutely no idea what to do.
    Maybe I can find something in this quilting design software? Can you give me an advice?

    • The quilt design software won’t help with this I’m afraid.
      Have you got an old t-shirt or curtains kicking around? The simplest way is to make a tube, then gather it at the top with some tape or ribbon or string of some sort.. Measure the circumference of the head and cut a rectangle a 1/2 inch wider all the way round. Fold in half long ways and sew the long side with right sides facing. Turn up a hem at the bottom and thread some elastic through and gather it so it fits on the head. Turn right side out then gather the top as described before.If you have some sort of logo on the t-shirt you could incorporate it. Hope this gives you some ideas! 🙂

  3. I am totally a beginner when it comes to quilting. I don’t think I could ever imitate my grandma who did it free hand or create a design entirely on imagination. This program will be very helpful for me when I want to start my quilting project once I become a work-from-home mom. Thanks for introducing this to me.

    • Yes, time is always a factor when making quilts, I always want to finish the same day! Modern technology can be a great thing, have software to create designs can really help, and save so much time. 🙂

  4. Hi Kathy. I always thought of quilting as an old grandma hobby. Who would have thought that these days people use programs to come out with sophisticated designs like the ones mentioned above. Time have definitely changed and its for the better. Takes the image of quilting to a higher level.

    Thanks for this article Kathy. I have learned something today. Good luck to you and bless you!


    • Yes, quilting is a very modern thing now with computerized sewing machines and software programs! Quilting started off as a way to save money, these days it’s become a popular hobby. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂

  5. Hi Kathy!
    I didn’t know that there are software programs for quilt design.
    Great tools to create different patterns and enjoy quilting.
    The design software program for beginners looks great, monthly free updates is very attractive. 😀
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sylvia. 🙂 Everything seems to have a computer program these days, including quilting! It certainly easier than drawing your quilt designs by hand! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

  6. Kathy, your website is so amazing and has so much valuable information. i never know that there are quilt design program like this. it is something to look for. In a video is mentions that it is good for beginners as well.
    do you know if they are teaching from beginning to the end product on how to choose fabric, cut it correctly and how to sewing together?
    thank you for sharing

    • Hi Lyubov. That particular video doesn’t but there are plenty “how to patchwork quilt” type videos on Youtube, that cover the full process of making a quilt.
      I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂

  7. I am looking for a program that not only allows for uploading specific fabric patterns and colors, but also allows you to combine parts of blocks to make new ones. Is this possible with Electric Quilt?

  8. Have you looked at ficklefabrics.com ?
    It’s a webapp, so you can snap photos and add them to your design from your phone when your shopping which I love. Plus it’s free and upgrading gives you lots of shapes to choose from. Upgrading is only a couple bucks a month..

  9. I see no response to Jane’s question of 1/29/2020 so I wonder if I’ll get any response on this one…

    What I’m looking for is overall design features. As in the ability to draw the base & distort it/warp it on the computer. Is a quilt design software going to be better at this or should I go with a general computer graphic program (Print Shop etc)?


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