Free Motion Quilting Instructions

Free motion quilting tips
free motion quilting with the Designio DZ3400
Not so much free motion quilting instructions but, following on from my tips for beginning quilters, I decided to put together my top free motion quilting tips.
Note, it does take practise, not many quilters get it right first time. Expect some odd patterns and snarl-ups till you master it!

Free Motion Quilting Tips

Free Motion Quilting Instructions1)Free motion quilting is a lot about keeping a rhythm.  When you start, it might be helpful to decide what speed (NOT really slow nor flat out) is comfortable for you.

If your machine doesn’t have different speed settings then put some sort of block under the foot pedal so when you mash it down it goes to that speed.

That takes thinking about the speed and your foot out of the equation and helps you to concentrate!

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Top Tips For Beginning Quilters

top tips for beginning quilters

Quilting is such a massive subject if you’re just starting so here are my top tips for beginning Quilters! Top Tips For Beginning Quilters Learn the terminology! It might seem obvious but it’s surprising the amount of would be quilters … Read more

Patchwork Piecing Methods

patchwork piecing methods

This is a short article giving a brief explanation of patchwork piecing methods with some videos for a visual explanation. As you already know, generally quilts are formed using blocks which can be joined together by hand or machine. There are different methods … Read more

How to Choose the Right Batting

How to Choose the Right Batting

In a previous article about quilting fabric I briefly mentioned batting, but in this article, I’m going to talk about how to choose the right batting.

It’s important to choose the right kind of batting, many new quilters don’t realize the importance, or know there are many different kinds of batting.

Now, as I said previously,  batting is the “sandwich filling” of a quilt, the bit that goes in the middle between your pieced quit top and the back. It’s also the part that creates the warmth, insulation and weight of your quilt.

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Christmas Gifts For Quilters

The Christmas Quilt Book

I’ve seen the holiday candy appearing in the grocery stores so I decided it was time to look for Christmas gifts for quilters.

Christmas Gifts For QuiltersI know, I know, I can hear you saying it’s too early, but don’t you think it would feel great not to be rushing at the last minute. There’s also the problem of having a brilliant idea for a gift then finding it’s sold out, I hate when that happens!

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Using Stencils for Quilting

Using Stencils for Quilting

Scroll Motif Quilting StencilIf you’re fairly new to quilting you might not have heard of using stencils for quilting. I’m sure you’ll remember stencils from when you were a kid. I couldn’t draw or write neatly, so using stencils helped me get good marks for “neatness of work!”

The same principle applies when using stencils for quilting, the aim is to get a neat finish. A quilting stencil is used to trace designs onto a quilt top and there are thousands of different design templates. Grooves are cut into the templates forming patterns and designs, these guide you when you come to quilting your project.

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How to Teach Children to Quilt

How to Teach Children to Quilt

Teaching a child to quiltHow many times have you tried to get on with a project only to be stopped by your children demanding attention!?  There is a solution, get them to join you. In this article, I’ll go through the basics of how to teach children to quilt.

You can start them at quite an early age, my own Granddaughter (Eve) was just 5 yrs old when I introduced her to sewing and 8 when I started teaching her how to quilt.  She’s 21 now and at the moment is mainly interested in Ed Sheeran and filling in her eyebrows, quilting is low on her priority list!


How to Teach Children to Quilt

Children sewingYoung children will want to do what the grown-ups are doing and it’s best to get them involved right at the start of a project. They also like to do things with their friends so get them to invite a friend round to join in.

Firstly, if you haven’t already done so you need to teach them to use a sewing machine. I was lucky enough to have a Singer Featherweight for Eve to practice on, it was a perfect size for her small hands.  Put a bit of tape on the 1/4″ mark, it’s much easier for a child to follow this guide rather than the etched in one on the plate.

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What Is A Good Iron For Quilting

what is a good iron for quilting

What is a Good Iron For Quilting

I’ve had many many irons over the years all promising the sun, moon and earth. Well not quite, but at the very least they should be non-drip (don’t you just hate those rusty water marks) and have a smooth glide sole plate. There’s also the issue of ergonomics, aching shoulders and wrists, we want to avoid this! So, for us quilters/sewers what is a good iron for quilting?

Oliso make irons specifically for quilting and today I’m taking a look at one of their models.

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Sewing Ergonomics – How to Sew Without Getting Backache

Sewing ergonomics - how to sew without getting backache

Sewing ergonomics - how to sew without getting backacheMy own recent troubles with backache prompted me to do some research into how to sew without getting backache! If you’ve suffered from this you’ll understand how painful it is, also frustrating when you have quilting projects you want to get on with. This article “Sewing Ergonomics – How to Sew Without Getting Backache” will get you back on track for pain-free sewing!


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