How To Make A T-Shirt Quilt

how to make a t-shirt quilt

How to make a t-shirt quilt and just why would you make one? and just why would you make one? Well, a t-shirt quilt is made from memories (old t-shirts) and quite simply becomes a special quilted scrapbook.     … Read more

Coloring Books For Quilters

coloring book for quilters

When I was under the weather recently I wasn’t able to sew  but was getting pretty fed up not being creative. Then I discovered that you can actually get coloring books for quilters! It might seem extreme, but I was … Read more

Easy Quilts For Beginners

When you first start quilting it can be daunting, the amount of information out there. Best thing to do is look for easy quilts for beginners, you’ll find a ton of resources via Google or whatever search engine you use.

I’ve found a few for you, some have tutorials some not, but they’re all good easy quilts projects.

Easy Quilts For Beginners

This  placemat has to be my top pick, so simple yet very effective. Using the “piecing on the go” method it really wouldn’t take long to make a set of these.

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Vetron Auto Seam

vetron auto seam

vetron auto seamWhat is a Vetron Auto Seam I hear you say, and what does it have to do with quilting?!

This article is just a snippet about how technology touches everything we do, including quilting. I’d never heard of Vetron sewing machines until I found a news article about an automated sewing machine that works by using cameras to track the movement of the fabric.

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Free Motion Quilting Instructions

Free motion quilting tips
free motion quilting with the Designio DZ3400
Not so much free motion quilting instructions but, following on from my tips for beginning quilters, I decided to put together my top free motion quilting tips.
Note, it does take practise, not many quilters get it right first time. Expect some odd patterns and snarl-ups till you master it!

Free Motion Quilting Tips

Free Motion Quilting Instructions1)Free motion quilting is a lot about keeping a rhythm.  When you start, it might be helpful to decide what speed (NOT really slow nor flat out) is comfortable for you.

If your machine doesn’t have different speed settings then put some sort of block under the foot pedal so when you mash it down it goes to that speed.

That takes thinking about the speed and your foot out of the equation and helps you to concentrate!

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Cutting Mats For Quilting

cutting mats for quilting

In my opinion, I would say cutting mats for quilting are an essential, not an option!

In this article I’ll cover the essentials you need to know about cutting mats, from selection through to storage and cleaning.


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Top Tips For Beginning Quilters

top tips for beginning quilters

Quilting is such a massive subject if you’re just starting so here are my top tips for beginning Quilters! Top Tips For Beginning Quilters Learn the terminology! It might seem obvious but it’s surprising the amount of would be quilters … Read more

Embroidery In Quilting

Embroidery in quilting

Lots of crafters who enjoy quilting also end up enjoying embroidery in quilting. You might feel as if you have torn loyalties of which craft to pursue in the small quantity of time available for hobbies. Does this sound like you? … Read more

Patchwork Piecing Methods

patchwork piecing methods

This is a short article giving a brief explanation of patchwork piecing methods with some videos for a visual explanation. As you already know, generally quilts are formed using blocks which can be joined together by hand or machine. There are different methods … Read more