How Are Sewing Needles Made

How are needles madeHow are sewing needles made? Well if your hobby is sewing in any form then you’re going to be using needles and pins at some point (pardon the pun!). Did you know that it takes 2 days to make a needle or pin?
It all starts as long coils of steel wire. The basic process is:
  • wire is snipped
  • straightened out
  • then it’s sharpened
  • finally, it’s cleaned.

With pins, the main difference is that a slow-drip of liquid glass is put  on one end, to make the heads.
From Discovery and Science Channel’s How It’s Made ,the video below is a fascinating look at how needles are made and explains the process much better than I can.

You can of course, buy pins specially designed for quilting and I prefer the type that have a flat head.

  • easy to see colors
  • flat head for bulky projects
  • can iron over them because of the flat head

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