King Quilter Quilting Machine

King Quilter Quilting Machine

Produce fantastic King Sized Quilts easier than ever!

KingQuilter produce a few different machines, today I’m taking a look at the King Quilter Quilting Machine 18x 8″ size.

The King Quilter 18×8 is  perfect as an entry level long arm quilting machine. If you’ve struggled with quilting on one of the smaller, domestic sewing machines , then the King Quilter is the best solution for you.

Accurate stitches, speed & dependability with tons of features make this amazing machine one you’ll enjoy to own for several years to come.

The King is a modern device offering quilters everything they need in an affordable and simple to use solution. The King’s new Servo motor with auto-stitch and breathtakingly beautiful 3000 stitches per minute make inexpensive quilting quality a reality.

King Quilter bonus package

This King Quilter comes with a great bonus package included, no need to buy any extras! 

  • 4″ Magnetic Pin Bowl with Pins ($12)
  • HQ-Handi Versa Tool ($25) HQ
  • 1/4″ Thick Acrylic Ruler 3″ x 12″ ($24)
  • Longarm Quilting Machine Tool Set ($63)
  • Quilt Pounce Iron Off Powder ($15)
  • my favorite leaves stencilQuilt Stencil My Favorite Leaves ($4)
  • Longarm Basics: Set 1- 7 DVDs ($99)
  • Stipples Made Easy Pantograph 26´ x 9.5″ ($17)
  • Borders Made Easy Pantograph 26´ of 3″ ($16)
  • From Flames to Feathers Book ($20)
  • HQ Handi-Sized Half Circles Templates ($39)

King Quilter functions and features

Key Features

  • King Quilter Auto StitchAuto Stitch – When you select one of the stitch modes, consisting of the auto stitch, your machine will coordinate with your motions. The stitch regulation is so precise, enabling you to create even the finest micro-stippling. The King will make your quilting sophisticated, precise and sophisticate.



  • King quilter auto needle positionAuto Needle Positioner – Your King Quilter 18×8 has the capability to stop in the needle up or needle down position with exact accuracy, reducing bent or broken needles and permitting  free movement of the device.




  • King Quilter bobbin winderIntegrated Bobbin Winder w/ Large Bobbin – Your King Quilter 18×8 offers a built-in bobbin winder that winds while you quilt, so your next bobbin is always complete and all set to begin sewing. It also includes the largest  bobbin  available, the M-size bobbin.



  • King quilter comfort grip handlesComfort Grip Handlebars – The curve design handlebars permit easy movement of the device while also helping to relieve tension and tired muscles, making quilting simpler and more fluid.




  • King quilter oil reservoirOil Reservoir – Your King Quilter 18×8 needs hardly any upkeep. The oil is self-contained so you no longer need to worry about oil on your quilts or oiling the hook every time you change the bobbin.


More features:

  • Hook Position Finger
  • Centralized Lubrication System
  • One Button Operation
  • Hopping Foot
  • Two-station Needle Positioner w/ Single Stitch
  • Rear Handlebar Controllers
  • Ergonomically Designed Handles
  • Black Light
  • Velcro Attaching Cloth Leaders
  • LED Dimming Light
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Automatic Hook Lubrication
  • Oil Impregnated Bushings
  • Computerization Optional
  • Stippling Foot Optional
  • Open Toe Stippling Foot Optional
  • Throat Space 18″ x 8″
  • Actual Quilting Area 15″
  • Machine Weight 47 pounds
  • Long Arm Warranty 5 years parts & labor (Free shipping the 1st year)
  • Specially Designed Vertical Wheels
  • Gear / Shaft Power Transfer Gear Driven
  • Cast Aluminum Molded Sewing Head
  • Double-Capacity “M” Style Bobbin
  • Turbo Servo Motor
  • Built in Bobbin Winder
  • Heavy-duty Top Shaft Bearings and Bushings 3
  • Stitching Speed
  • State-of-the-art Stitch Regulation Standard / Auto Stitch
  • Idle Stitch
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Built in Diagnostics

The King Quilter is easy to set up and operate following the provided instructions. If you’ve never used a long arm machine before, the learning curve might be a little steeper.

When selecting one of the stitch modes using the LCD display (including auto stitch) the machine  coordinates with your movements. The quilter  sews as you move and stops when you stop. Stitch regulation is very accurate, allowing for perfect micro-stippling.

Because the King Quilter is WiFi enabled you can access popular sites, like YouTube, Pandora, E-mail, and so on directly from the quilting machine. You can install software updates easily by pressing a button. This is the only system on the market to be able to update quickly over WiFi.

The included Android tablet gives you all the features of a normal android device. You can access the Google Play store, browse the internet, and watch YouTube videos all from your quilting machine.

The powerful editing features let rotate, auto size, and repeat patterns. The Butler software also includes a crop feature, great for applique patterns. You can also see a birds-eye view of all your to-be-stitched patterns and then select which patterns you would like to run.

There are no reported problems setting up the tension (this can be an issue with some long arms.

A good way to get an idea of the performance is to watch a video.

  • It doesn’t come with Bungee Cord set or a laser.
  • Takes a long time to set up initially.
  • There are many so I’ll list a couple of my favorites!
  • I like the wi-fi ability and the inclusion of the android tablet. This lets you easily watch training videos which helps with the setting up and operation.
  • The oil reservoir is a good addition, no more worries about oil on your precious quilt project.
  • Using a long arm quilting machine over a prolonged period can cause a strain on your arms and wrists. I particularly like the design of the handles which helps to offset this.
King Quilter Quilting Machine
The King Quilter Quilting Machine


15 thoughts on “King Quilter Quilting Machine”

  1. Is there anyone around the Wichita, ks. area that can work on the King Quilter 18×8 special edition. Iv’e called the Sewing Machines Plus Service several times, Ended up sending the handle bars back , machine still doesn’t work don’t see much point in looking to the dealer for help. Please let there be some one local who can help me out.

  2. service dept for this machine is a nightmare. they are rude on the phone and the problem is never resolved. It cost a fortune to send this machine back to the dealer. I will never purchase from them again

  3. After installing the EZQuilter by Butler, everything’s works except for the needle. The machine moves according to the selected pattern, and the needle brings the bobbin thread up…..but the needle does not go up and down when quilting. Any suggestions would be welcome..

  4. Good Luck finding a tech who will work on a King Quilter. I had a bad thread lock that threw my King Quilter out of timing. The timing is just like every other brand of longarm on the market, not one tech in the Dallas metroplex will touch the machine because it is a brand they have never heard of. Sewing Machines Plus does not specify which manufacturer builds this machine for them, I can tell a tech “it’s just like a Handi Quilter” but so far I’ve spoken with 5 techs who said since they don’t know the brand they won’t work on it. I have to mail my machine ($$$) to California to get it fixed. It cost over $200 to ship the machine. I’ve had this King Quilter for a year, the tablet is cheap and very glitchy. The machine itself and the 10ft Phoenix frame are great, machine is smooth and fluid moves like a dream. Now, I have to go pack up my King Quilter and pay a fortune to mail it to California and who knows how long that will take. The reviews I’ve read online about SMP’s service response are horrible so I am a bit nervous.

    • Someone else had their machine fixed, they commented. I’ve copied the comment here “Robert, I realize you posted this years ago but if you still need help here, let me know. I have a King Quilter and am in Wichita. I’ve had it serviced at McDonald’s on West Street.”


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