Quilting Materials Supplies

Wrist Cushion Wonder ClipsI’ve written reviews on some of the larger items we use as quilters but there are lots of other tools and notions that can be useful. Here are commonly used tools for quilting and the best place to purchase them



Quilting Materials Supplies

clover wonder clips being usedClover Wonder Clips 

Wonder Clips are particularly good for holding binding in place while sewing and have 1/4″ and 1/2″ seam markings.

They can be used in place of pins for all sewing related tasks. They can also be used for card craft and knitting tasks where you need to hold pieces together.

They’re easy to see if you drop one and it’s also easy to see them on your project.

Even if you have arthritis in your hands they are easy to operate, easier that pins.


Wrist Cushion Clover Wonder ClipsWrist Cushion Clover Wonder Clips

To match the previous item this cushion attaches to the wrist for a convenience when working with Clover Wonder Clips. Made of foam it is soft and comfortable but durable.


51/4″, hand crafted and made of cherry wood this tool is for pressing paper piecing projects.

No more aching fingers trying to finger press or getting up and down to use the iron!


stack and store bobbin towerStack N Store Bobbin Tower 

Another nifty idea, storage for all your bobbins. You can have the bobbin you need at your fingertips. Snap and stack into the 3 1/4″ organizer. No more rummaging about in your sewing box, tangled threads everywhere!


Roxannes Glue Baste It 

A great time saver this is a water soluble basting glue. It holds fabric in place, just like basting stitches, until you wet it. It comes with and applicator which produces controlled dots of glue. Roxannes Glue Baste It is also useful for applique. This is the 2oz bottle and you can buy refills for it. The applicator produces controlled dots of glue, making positioning applique pieces easy. 2 0z. Bottle.

Omnigrid mini foldawayOmnigrid Mini  Foldaway 

Do you like to go to quilting and sewing groups? Or maybe just pop round to friends for a quilting get-together or go travelling? This is a portable cutting mat and non-stick pressing surface. It folds in half with a tab enclosure. It’s a convenient size for foundation piecing and cutting around templates. Measures 7 by 7 inches (this size doesn’t have grid measurements.

buttonhole stitch tiger tapeButtonhole Stitch Tiger Tape 

Although this is called “Buttonhole Stitch Tiger tape you can use this anywhere you need evenly spaced measurements. Good for quilting, embroidery and buttonholes; in fact any craft where you have to have accurate measurements. Marked at 4 lines per inch and with 30yrds of re-usable tape it’s good value for money.

Craftlite Dublin Magnfi LightCraftlite Dublin Magnfi Light $128.99

Three lamps in one the Dublin Magnifi Light is a floor lamp, a tabletop  or a clip on. It’s a gooseneck lamp with 21 extra large LED lights and a 5″ diameter magnifying light at 1.75X strength.

It’s lightweight but also very stable and a handy feature is the facility for using batteries (it comes with an ac adapter). The gooseneck means you can twist and turn it to just about any angle, great for any craft project!

Binding Miter toolBinding Miter Tool $5.99

An inexpensive handy tool;  the binding miter tool makes it possible to create perfect mitered corners when binding. It is marked with 90, 120 and 135 degree angles for squares, rectangles, hexagons and octagons.

These are just a few of the extra tools and notions you’ll find useful Lots of fab quilting materials  here where you can purchase all the above products.

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  1. I didn’t know quilting could be so involved. My dad used to make quilts out of our old clothes, (2 brothers and 5 sisters) we had an endless supply of material and a ton of fond memories. Do you know where you can find some of the old fashioned “quilting tables” my mom had one years ago, but she doesn’t have it anymore. I miss those nights around that table. They meant so much to all of us.
    Thanks for the information…Janith

    • What lovely memories to have of your dad making quilts. I haven’t seen the old fashioned quilting tables, these days many people use a cutting mat on top of a normal table. You can get also special tops to put on ironing boards now, marked with grids.
      Did you manage to keep any of the quilts your Dad made?

  2. site is full of great content. tools and items used for quilting is truly explained on your site and very affordable. users will really benefit from visit to your website.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Tony and also the positive feedback. My aim is to have a one stop resource for quilters. 🙂

  3. Awesome website. Although for many who would think being a 27 year old male and liking to crotchet, knit or the like is feminine i honestly don’t see it that way i think this is a wonderful outlet for anyone who is interested in being a creative mind while at the same time creating something truly useful Blankets,Pillow covers etc. I just want to say i love your website and thank you for bringing your creative mind out on this website.

    • Glad you enjoyed the visit Shawn. More men are taking up these kind of crafts, my son in law recently took up crochet! Quilting is a great hobby for anyone, as you say, a great outlet for a creative mind. 🙂


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