Quilters Journal Book

quilters journal book

quilters journal bookA Quilter’s Journal should be a must for all quilters. A lot of work goes into the quilts we make, from the first design idea to fabric choices and right through to the finishing touches. It makes sense to have a quilters journal book of all this hard work. Whether you keep the quilt for yourself or give it as a present it’s always good to be able to look back at previous projects. I’m sure you’ve sometimes thought “I wish I’d taken a picture,” a quilters journal will make sure you never have this thought again! I’ve done this for my other passion, knitting. I keep a record and refer to it if I’m looking for inspiration for a new project or am stuck on a technical aspect.

If you sell your quilts you can keep a record of who purchased and the price paid. Same with gifts, keep a note of the recipients.

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