Free Motion Quilting Designs

free motion quilting with the Designio DZ3400

Introduction to Free Motion Quilting Quilting is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows you to create beautiful and functional pieces of art. One aspect of quilting that many people find intimidating is free motion quilting, which involves using a … Read more

Juki TL2010q

Juki Sewing Machines

The Juki TL-2010q  is a sturdy workhorse of a machine, just what it looks like and great for quilting! It doesn’t have lots of bells and whistles but, like all Juki machines, what it does, it does exceptionally well. It … Read more

Free Motion Quilting Instructions

Free motion quilting tips
free motion quilting with the Designio DZ3400
Not so much free motion quilting instructions but, following on from my tips for beginning quilters, I decided to put together my top free motion quilting tips.
Note, it does take practise, not many quilters get it right first time. Expect some odd patterns and snarl-ups till you master it!

Free Motion Quilting Tips

Free Motion Quilting Instructions1)Free motion quilting is a lot about keeping a rhythm.  When you start, it might be helpful to decide what speed (NOT really slow nor flat out) is comfortable for you.

If your machine doesn’t have different speed settings then put some sort of block under the foot pedal so when you mash it down it goes to that speed.

That takes thinking about the speed and your foot out of the equation and helps you to concentrate!

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