Easy Quilts For Beginners

When you first start quilting it can be daunting, the amount of information out there. Best thing to do is look for easy quilts for beginners, you’ll find a ton of resources via Google or whatever search engine you use.

I’ve found a few for you, some have tutorials some not, but they’re all good easy quilts projects.

Easy Quilts For Beginners

This  placemat has to be my top pick, so simple yet very effective. Using the “piecing on the go” method it really wouldn’t take long to make a set of these.

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Free Quilt Patterns to Print

free quilting patterns to print

free quilting patterns to printThere are thousands of quilting patterns available on the Internet, but it’s not so easy to find free quilt patterns to print.

I decided to have an in-depth look over at freequilting.com, part of a group of websites that offer free patterns for most crafts.


First Impressions

free quilt patterns to printWhen first landing on the start page you are faced with a “pattern search” in the middle and a “join” form to the right. If you do a search and try to download the pattern you’ll be prompted to join.  The navigation is well laid out with the patterns in sections:

  • Applique Quilting
  • Babies & Kids Quilt
  • Easy Quilting for Beginners
  • Quilted Accessories
  • Quilted Clothing
  • Quilted Home Decor
  • Special Occasion Quilting
  • Quilt Glossary
  • Free-Quilting Ideas Blog

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