How Are Needles Made

How are needles made

How are needles made? Well if your hobby is sewing in any form then you’re going to be using needles and pins at some point (pardon the pun!). Did you know that it takes 2 days to make a needle … Read more

Using Stencils for Quilting

Using Stencils for Quilting

Scroll Motif Quilting StencilIf you’re fairly new to quilting you might not have heard of using stencils for quilting. I’m sure you’ll remember stencils from when you were a kid. I couldn’t draw or write neatly, so using stencils helped me get good marks for “neatness of work!”

The same principle applies when using stencils for quilting, the aim is to get a neat finish. A quilting stencil is used to trace designs onto a quilt top and there are thousands of different design templates. Grooves are cut into the templates forming patterns and designs, these guide you when you come to quilting your project.

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