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sewing bookI believe most of us crafters can’t resist a good book, they are a great source of new ideas and I just love adding how to quilt books to my collection!

Things have come a long way since the book in the image was published in 1921. Thousands have been published since then and I’ve put together a list of my top 5 favorite quilting books.




Your First Quilt Book (or it should be!)Your First Quilt Book (or it should be!)

If you’re new to quilting then Your First Quilt Book (or it should be!) by Carol Doak should be in your collection. Carol Doak is well known in quilt making circles and she is the author of many quilting books. She has also appeared on the covers of many magazines including McCall’s Quilting.





First Quilt Book IndexThis book covers all the basics, from quilting terminology, to choosing fabrics and putting it all together. Even if you’re an experienced quilter this book is good for brushing up on the basics.  You can buy Your First Quilt Book (or it should be!)here



The Quilter’s Bible: The indispensable guide to patchwork, quilting, and applique

the quilters bibleI’ve mentioned this book before in another article but it’s worth mentioning again, it really deserves the name of The Quilters Bible!

Much more comprehensive than the previous book, it goes from the basics to more complex procedures, such as

  • Celtic Quilting.
  • Kantha Quilting’
  • Making designs.
  • Corded Quilting.
  • Needle-turn applique.
  • Much much more!

If you are a total beginner to quilting I would still recommend Your First Quilt Book (or it should be!). The Quilters Bible is a good follow on from this.

You can buy The Quilter’s Bible: The indespensable guide to patchwork, quilting, and applique from Amazon 


Quilting on the goQuilting On The Go

If you like to carry a quilting project around with you, maybe for:

  • sitting in the park on a fine day
  • as a passenger on a long journey
  • when visiting friends
  • joining in a sewing group

then Quilting on the Go is the perfect book for this.


Chapter 1 takes you through getting ready with subjects such as preparing a travel toolkit and making the most of scraps.

Chapter 2 moves onto the cutting, tacking, through to assembling and finishing.

Chapter 3 has s number of useful and pretty projects, such as a laptop bag and a travel quilt. Chapter 4 is all about English paper piecing patterns, hexagons, 60 degree diamonds and squares, flowers, leaves and more.

Chapter 4 is all about English paper piecing patterns, hexagons, 60 degree diamonds and squares, flowers, leaves and more.

And finally, Chapter 5 gives some useful resources and a glossary of terms.

Buy Quilting on the Go: English Paper Piecing Projects You Can Take Anywhere

Encyclopedia Of Classic Quilt PatternsEncyclopedia Of Classic Quilt Patterns

The Encyclopedia Of Classic Quilt Patterns is exactly what the title suggests. It has step by step instructions for 101 favourite American quilts.

With beautiful color illustrations and photos, classic patchwork techniques, and applique designs this is a great book to move onto after learning the basics.

It comes highly recommended by from Amazon readers with 4.8 out of 5 stars.


Encyclopedia of classic quilt patterns review

This is one book I don’t have in my collection, but it is added to my wishlist!

Free How to Quilt Books

We all love free, right?! Well there are free and very low cost how to quilt books available on Kindle.  You can check them out Free Kindle Quilting Books here .

Better Homes and Gardens: Complete Guide to QuiltingBetter Homes and Gardens: Complete Guide to Quilting

And finally, the last of my top 5 how to quilt books from Better Homes and Gardens

I like this book simply because it covers everything! There are a few issues with it, there isn’t an overall contents section so it can be a bit tricky navigating to the section you want to find. There are also a couple of errors in the formulas for cutting.

Having said that, everything is covered well with beautiful glossy photographs and clear diagrams and charts.

Better Homes and Gardens: Complete Guide to Quilting Index









This book is a great one to keep beside your quilting workstation and one reviewer even had hers spiral bound!

Better Homes and Gardens-Complete Guide to Quilting review

Buy the Better Homes and Gardens: Complete Guide to Quilting 

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  1. hey Kathy, Nice post.

    I wanted to start getting into some Quilting. My husband brought hes baby blanket home the other day and it’s really made me want to give it a go and try to make one for our baby. Thanks for this info

    • Thanks Shannel. There are some simple patterns to try for your first attempt, a basic patchwork quilt made from 4″ squares is easy to do.
      Let me know if you decide to have a go, if you need help just shout!

  2. Wow, that’s a very specific skill Kathy. I never knew there’s such depth of knowledge about Quilting. Thanks for sharing the awesome resources 🙂

  3. I crochet, but I’ve never thought about reading books about it. I just got on YouTube and started watching people and copying what they do. I learn better visually when it comes to crafts. But if some people learn better by reading, then the books are definitely for them.

    • Youtube is great for learning anything, including quilting I agree! I learn better from books, especially if they are well illustrated with diagrams and pictures. I think generally, the younger generation prefer videos, I was bought up with learning from books and I guess it stuck!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂


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