Vetron Auto Seam

vetron auto seam

vetron auto seamWhat is a Vetron Auto Seam I hear you say, and what does it have to do with quilting?!

This article is just a snippet about how technology touches everything we do, including quilting. I’d never heard of Vetron sewing machines until I found a news article about an automated sewing machine that works by using cameras to track the movement of the fabric.

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Long Arm Quilting Machines

long arm quilting machines

long arm quilting machinesRising in popularity at the moment, the long arm quilting machines trend looks set to continue. Designed so you can complete fabulous quilts more easily, they can save you LOTS of time. You’ll be able to produce more quality quilts in a shorter space of time with a long arm machine.

As opposed to a regular quilting machine a long arm machine will allow pieces up to 18 inches on a side. The long arm quilting table can be 10 to 14 feet wide making it easy to create a very large quilt. Long stitches and large patterns become simple when the piece is being sewn. It’s the machine that moves, the fabric remains in one place. You do need a dedicated space to set up one of these machines; they are not fold up and put away items!

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