Quilting Terms Definitions

quilting terms definitions

quilting terms definitionsQuilting comes in all different styles and depends on the traditions and history of the country of origin. Simply put, quilting is made up of a “sandwich” of fabrics, the top layer which is the pattern part and can be made up of  quilt blocks, the middle which is called the batting (padding) and the back which is usually a complimentary colour to the top pattern.
I’ve put together a list of the commonly used terms in quilting in this quilting terms definitions article so you have a quick reference guide.


Quilting Terms Definitions

Accent quilts – This is a pattern that follows different lines but works with your patchwork pattern.
Achromatic – Black, white and grey color schemes.
Album quilts – These are quilts made for a specific event and made up of different blocks. These are personal to the recipient or maker of the quilt and are sometimes given as gifts to mark a special occasion. 

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What is a Quilting Ruler

quilting ruler

quilting rulerOne of the questions often asked by beginning quilters is “what is a quilting ruler” and why do I need one?” I’ll explain here what a quilting ruler is and how it helps quilters.



What is a quilting ruler?

There’s nothing mysterious about a quilting ruler!  It’s a tool that’s been devised to make cutting simpler for patch working and quilting. A quilting ruler is used to make precise cuts in fabric. Generally made of clear plastic there are measurements painted across the ruler in a grid pattern. These measurements have different angles to help quilters to cut a variety of shapes. They come in different sizes and shapes but most quilters will start with a rectangular quilting ruler measuring 4″ by 12″. It is designed to be used with a rotary cutter and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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What is a Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutter

What is a Fabric Cutter

what is a fabric cutter

What Is a Fabric Cutter? If you’ve always used scissors or a rotary cutter to cut your quilting fabric you might not have heard of a fabric cutter. So what is a fabric cutter? It is a tool that is … Read more