How to Choose the Right Batting

How to Choose the Right Batting

In a previous article about quilting fabric I briefly mentioned batting, but in this article, I’m going to talk about how to choose the right batting.

It’s important to choose the right kind of batting, many new quilters don’t realize the importance, or know there are many different kinds of batting.

Now, as I said previously,  batting is the “sandwich filling” of a quilt, the bit that goes in the middle between your pieced quit top and the back. It’s also the part that creates the warmth, insulation and weight of your quilt.

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What Is Stitch In The Ditch

shallow ditch

shallow ditchWhen I first started quilting this was one of the first questions I asked”what is stitch in the ditch?”.

It’s one of those strange bits of terminology that crop up in quilting and although it sounds strange, it does have a simple explanation. When I first heard the term, I had images of quilting groups lined up in a ditch all sewing away!

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Sewing Ergonomics – How to Sew Without Getting Backache

Sewing ergonomics - how to sew without getting backache

Sewing ergonomics - how to sew without getting backacheMy own recent troubles with backache prompted me to do some research into how to sew without getting backache! If you’ve suffered from this you’ll understand how painful it is, also frustrating when you have quilting projects you want to get on with. This article “Sewing Ergonomics – How to Sew Without Getting Backache” will get you back on track for pain-free sewing!


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How to Patchwork Quilt

how to patchwork quilt

how to patchwork quiltMore and more people want to learn how to patchwork quilt, it’s a “trending” craft according to Google! There’s an overwhelming amount of info out there and there’s no definitive answer, however, first of all you should know some essentials.




fat quarter bundleFabric – There are different layers to consider when choosing fabric, read this guide for more information on choosing fabrics for quilting.

Cutting – First understand what a rotary cutter is and how it can help. You can also use a fabric cutter which will quickly cut set shapes. Whatever you choose make sure to do some cutting practice first on scrap fabrics.

Quilting terms – become familiar with quilting terms and what they mean. For example, do you know what a quilting ruler is, or what batting is? Check out my glossary, there are simple explanations for each term.

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Quilters Journal Book

quilters journal book

quilters journal bookA Quilter’s Journal should be a must for all quilters. A lot of work goes into the quilts we make, from the first design idea to fabric choices and right through to the finishing touches. It makes sense to have a quilters journal book of all this hard work. Whether you keep the quilt for yourself or give it as a present it’s always good to be able to look back at previous projects. I’m sure you’ve sometimes thought “I wish I’d taken a picture,” a quilters journal will make sure you never have this thought again! I’ve done this for my other passion, knitting. I keep a record and refer to it if I’m looking for inspiration for a new project or am stuck on a technical aspect.

If you sell your quilts you can keep a record of who purchased and the price paid. Same with gifts, keep a note of the recipients.

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Quilting Fabric

Simplicity Rotary Cutter Machine

quilting fabricChoosing your quilting fabric is perhaps the most important part of creating a new project, whether it’s a small quilting project or a large one.

There are three elements to making a quilt so it’s important to choose the right quilt fabric for each stage.

  • Top of the quilt, a combination of colors made up of quilt blocks.
  • Quilt batting fabric which goes in the middle.
  • Backing fabric for quilts, a complimentary color to the top.

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What is a Quilt Block

What is a quilt block

Quilting blocksIf you’re a beginning quilter then one of the first terms you’ll hear is “quilt block.” So what is a quilt block? Traditionally, quilts were more often used to make bed covers and were sewn by hand. Because of the difficulty managing  to sew a large quilt, smaller blocks were made. These smaller blocks of fabric could be made in a variety of patterns or a repeating pattern which were then sewn together to form the whole quilt.


By breaking up the quilt pattern into manageable pieces, you can lay easily lay it down and then pick it up again, gradually building the blocks until you have enough to make the quilt.

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What is a Quilting Ruler

quilting ruler

quilting rulerOne of the questions often asked by beginning quilters is “what is a quilting ruler” and why do I need one?” I’ll explain here what a quilting ruler is and how it helps quilters.



What is a quilting ruler?

There’s nothing mysterious about a quilting ruler!  It’s a tool that’s been devised to make cutting simpler for patch working and quilting. A quilting ruler is used to make precise cuts in fabric. Generally made of clear plastic there are measurements painted across the ruler in a grid pattern. These measurements have different angles to help quilters to cut a variety of shapes. They come in different sizes and shapes but most quilters will start with a rectangular quilting ruler measuring 4″ by 12″. It is designed to be used with a rotary cutter and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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What is a Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutter

What is a Fabric Cutter

what is a fabric cutter

What Is a Fabric Cutter? If you’ve always used scissors or a rotary cutter to cut your quilting fabric you might not have heard of a fabric cutter. So what is a fabric cutter? It is a tool that is … Read more