Patchwork Piecing Methods

patchwork piecing methods

This is a short article giving a brief explanation of patchwork piecing methods with some videos for a visual explanation. As you already know, generally quilts are formed using blocks which can be joined together by hand or machine. There are different methods … Read more

How to Choose the Right Batting

How to Choose the Right Batting

In a previous article about quilting fabric I briefly mentioned batting, but in this article, I’m going to talk about how to choose the right batting.

It’s important to choose the right kind of batting, many new quilters don’t realize the importance, or know there are many different kinds of batting.

Now, as I said previously,  batting is the “sandwich filling” of a quilt, the bit that goes in the middle between your pieced quit top and the back. It’s also the part that creates the warmth, insulation and weight of your quilt.

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Top Quilting Websites

top quilting websites

Have you got a list of your top quilting websites, shops and blogs? There are so many I decided to share a few of my favorites with you, just in case they aren’t already on your list! Before I list personal … Read more

Christmas Gifts For Quilters

The Christmas Quilt Book

I’ve seen the holiday candy appearing in the grocery stores so I decided it was time to look for Christmas gifts for quilters.

Christmas Gifts For QuiltersI know, I know, I can hear you saying it’s too early, but don’t you think it would feel great not to be rushing at the last minute. There’s also the problem of having a brilliant idea for a gift then finding it’s sold out, I hate when that happens!

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Janome HD3000

Janome HD3000 with case

Janome HD3000

You know, sometimes you just want a basic sewing machine that does a top notch job without a lot of bells and whistles. Well the this Janome claims to do just that! 

Not everyone wants or needs a computerized sewing machine and can sometimes feel intimidated by all the technology, especially if they’re transitioning from a granny inherited machine.

Your budget will also dictate what kind of sewing machine you purchase. Better to buy a good quality basic machine than a cheap computerized one. 

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Quilting for Charity

quilting for charity
Material on Shelf ready for quilting for charity
The women at Hands for Hospice make quilts like these every Tuesday for people who are sick or in need.
(Photo: NATHAN HANDLEY/The Jackson Sun)

There are many unsung heroes quilting for charity and I’ve some feel good,  heart-warming stories to share with you.

Hands for Hospice is a ministry that provides quilts for people who are sick or in need.

These ladies meet every Tuesday at the fellowship hall at Mercer Baptist Church where they make these quilts. The ministry started in 2007,  Floye Puckett, one of the founding members says “we started this ministry in 2007, each one of us brought our own sewing machines and bought our own material.”

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Scissors for Quilting

Scissors for Quilting

Scissors for QuiltingNot all scissors are made equal, and if you’ve ever tried to cut fabric with scissors that have been used for cutting paper, you’ll know what I mean! There are many different kinds of scissors, including scissors for quilting. Choosing the best quality is important, good tools = good job!

Many of you will be using some kind of fabric cutting device however, you do still need good pairs of scissors for some tasks. Of course, you can go to a dollar store and buy some but I don’t recommend this. I’ve tried it and it’s a false economy, a few cuts and they break or go blunt!

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